Aufbau einer Mädchenschule auf Sri Lanka nach Tsunami

Aufbau einer Mädchenschule auf Sri Lanka nach Tsunami...
Hier eine Mail von dem Leiter des Projektes, Asoka Hettigoda:

Thank you for calling and taking your valuable time to discuss further opportunities of helping the reconstruction of Upper School and facilities of Anula Devi Balika.

1. The Whole School comprises of Lower School (Grades 1-5), Upper School (Grades 6-13), Gymnasium, Auditorium, Amphitheatre, Netball Court and Administrative Building which houses the Principal's Office.

The Lower School and the Administrative Complex have been completed

2. Yes, we need more funds to complete the remaining buildings. Project Sri Lanka has raised Rs. 80 million in Total up to date. The cost of the Lower School and Administrative Buildings have cost Rs. 40 million. We have a balance of Rs. 40 million in our account. The remaining buildings would approximately cost another Rs. 100 million (US $ 1 million).
Therefore, we need to raise another US $ 600,000 (Six Hundred Thousand).

3. The school we are building is a provincial government school and the local government has given us the land free of charge.

4. Teachers are paid by the Sri Lankan Government.

5. The girls come from low-to-middle income families who live in outskirts of Galle and some travel more than 1 1/2 hours everyday to get to school. Also, children who do well in the Grade 5 scholarship exam do get admitted for Grade 6 of better schools in the area and Anula Devi is one of the better schools.

6. Total cost of the remaining project is approximately US $ 1 million.

7. In total, 2,400 children will attend the school

If you have anymore questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Im Jahr 2006 haben wir hier einen Betrag von 15.000,- € angewiesen, um den Bau dieser Mädchenschule zu unterstützen. Mehrere Klassenräume konnten mit diesem Geld gebaut werden.

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